Our unique in-office area designed specifically for home users. Whether you're stuck trying to load email on your smartphone or need more complicated computer repair, we can help.

At 11786 Route 9W, theLEDGE has been known as a place to take your computer and it's ailments to get them taken care of; or even just a place to learn about technology.


Looking for a new computer?

Give the office a call and setup an appointment with Lucas or Matt at theLEDGE!  We want to make sure you know all the facts before you spend money on a machine.  We will guide and work with you while you go through the process.  

Already have a new computer and need it setup?

No problem, give us a call and we can copy all of your documents, pictures, music and videos from your old machine to your new one.  We will also go through and install any software that you would like put on it. ***  

What do I do with my old computer?

i.t.s. is a drop off location for E-Waste recycling.  All data on your old hard drive is removed to Department Of Defense standards.  All hardware is then recycled and reused in new products.  Why Recycle, Click here for more information.

Virus Removal

The number one cause for getting infected is an outdated computer.  Whether your are infected from a missing Flash, Java or Microsoft Update, the end result is the same your computer isn't working.  We offer a few different solutions to this problem.

  • Removal or Cleaning
    • Unfortunately this is never 100% guaranteed to remove the virus
    • Depending on the virus, the system can be reinfected
    • Time for cleaning varies on type of infection and age of the machine
  • Wipe and Reload
    • We take a full image of your computer.  This is a snap shot of your computer as it is when it came into our office.  
    • We then load from scratch, the Windows Operating system your machine is licensed with and then the software you provide.  
    • After the system is up and running we then transfer your data from the image back to your computer.****  This ensures you do not lose data and the virus is gone.

Data Recovery

Have you ever went to turn your computer on and the hard drive is dead.  You start to think about the pictures that were on there, videos of first birthdays, Project due next week.  What do you do?  i.t.s. offers data recovery services in house.  Utilizing technology that goes from sector to sector on a dead or dieing drive we can recover the data back.  Unfortunately this is not always guaranteed, in which case we will work with you and our Partners to get your data back.

Keep us in mind whenever you need to get data back off of any of the below items:

  • Hard Drives
  • SD Cards
  • Flash Drives
  • CD, DVD or BluRay

Managed Services

A new service we are offering to theLEDGE and residential customers is our Managed Services.  We now offer proactive monitoring and maintenance on your computer.  For a small monthly fee our software will keep your hard drive free from fragmentation and keep your history clean.  It will go through and monitor your hardware for failures and keep it running at peek efficiency.  We offer many different teirs to this new service, below is a brief overview.

  • Managed Services
    • Proactive monitoring of system for hardware failures
    • Automatic defragmentation of Windows systems
    • Automatic cleaning of browsing history
    • Microsoft Updates, keeping your Microsoft Software Up to Date
    • Managed Microsoft Secrity Essentials Anti-Virus
  • Add-Ons
    • ESET NOD32 Anti-Virus
      • Smarter Scanner - Scans websites and documents as they are accessed to ensure your protection
      • Daily definition Updates through our Management Server
    • Monthly Updates to 3rd Party Applications
      • Adobe Reader
      • Adobe Flash
      • Oracle's Java
      • Mozilla Firefox
      • Google Chrome

Diagnostic Fee $40 *
Hourly Rate $80
Onsite Hourly Rate $85 + $15 travel over 4 miles
Wipe and Reload without Data $160
Wipe and Reload with Data $250 **

* Diagnostic fee rolls into hourly rate when work completed by i.t.s.

** for UP TO 5 programs - $25 for each additional application

*** Valid license for software required and older software platforms may not work with newer Operating Systems.

**** This is only included with a Wipe and Reload with Data

(Includes Open Office or word processing program with customer provided CD and program key)