July 25, 2018 in Design

Well, that headline is half true. Joomla 4 development is plugging along, with a beta release expected in 3rd Quarter 2018, and a stable release slated for the end of 2018. While it's an important milestone, there's no need for panic. Joomla 3.x will continue getting support (security patches, bug fixes, etc.) for 2 years following the release of Joomla 4, leaving ample time to make plans for the upgrade.

Having said that, version 4 will ship with some big changes, and is absolutely an update plan for sooner than later. As a developer, the biggest news for me is the shift from Bootstrap-based templates to CSS Grid. Both use a system of rows and columns, but CSS Grid takes the design out of the code. For further reading, check the details about Joomla 4 at Joomla.org.

If you use Joomla, we encourage meeting with us to discuss and plan for the upgrade. It is also a good opportunity to talk about a redesign, if your site is aging or has not been updated in some time, but who would do such a thing?

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