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i.t.s. provides quick fix for Coeymans

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By Hilary Hawke
Hudson-Catskill Newspapers
Published: Thursday, August 5, 2010 2:15 AM EDT

COEYMANS - Everyone who owns a computer knows the gut-wrenching feeling of sitting before the monitor, typing, surfing the web, reading and then suddenly seeing a blank screen.

It's the sign your computer has crashed and if you weren't careful about backing up photos, files and other information, you could lose everything.

That's what the Town of Coeymans has been potentially facing the past few weeks, but a quick fix has offered a temporary solution.


i.t.s. Steps Up to Help Out the Town of Catskill

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When faced with an unplanned vacancy left by their prior I.T. consultant moving out of the area, the Town of Catskill found that there was a highly sophisticated yet affordable solution right up the road. i.t.s. has been selected by the Town Board to provide ongoing technical support & services to the entire Town Government. As their I.T. department, i.t.s. will provide Desktop and End User Support services for all staff at all locations plus provide ongoing Technology Planning and Acquisitions as part of their management services contract. The Town has struggled in the past with the Who/What/Why Upgrade replacement cycles commonly associated with technology refreshes and has fallen prey to the reactive emergency replacement pitfall.

i.t.s. helps clients avoid the costly reactive replacement cycles by implementing a standardized platform of computers that have the longevity to last. Too often clients buy cheap now and pay more later missing out on long term savings for short term gains that cost more later...

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i.t.s. Helps Greene County Soil and Water Conservation District Conserve Costs

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After having tremendous growth in their data storage needs as well as the new complex requirements for the latest software, i.t.s. implemented a new Virtualized Microsoft Server with 1.2 Terabytes of online storage. As technical and legal requirements increase for storage and online accessibility increase, GCSWCD has learned that their relationship with i.t.s. has many advantages. Keeping them ahead of the curve is just one of them....

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i.t.s. Teaches Berkshire Hills Regional School District How To Cut IT Costs

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As part of their continuing relationship, i.t.s. has completed a recent set of hardware upgrades to begin the implementation of Virtualized Servers within the infrastructure. As a cost cutting measure and a way to fully utilize the equipment in production Virtualization is a way to get more out of your hardware by reducing the need for multiple physical servers.

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i.t.s. to Review Village of Catskill Computer Requirements

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By Ariel Zangla
Freeman staff
Published: Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CATSKILL - A Coxsackie firm will be paid $1,500 to assess the village's computer systems and future needs in all areas except the police department.

During a meeting Monday, the Village Board agreed to hire Intelligent Technology Solutions to perform a complete initial assessment of the municipality's computer hardware and software. The company would then provide the village with a five-year plan that would identify things such as when equipment might need to be replaced so it can be included in the municipality's budget, village President Vincent Seeley said. He added that the company would update the plan annually.